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Examples of our suggested budgets, so you can see what to expect

Silver Package - £400 inc VAT

Mercure Bankfield Hotel, Bingley


This is a video of our £400 inc VAT entry level display package, filmed at Mercure Bankfield Hotel in Bingley.


This venue is limited in width, so the display is narrower than at most venues, with a restriction on the size and hang length of the finale shells. The display still shows the size of our entry package and includes heart shaped shells.

Ruby Package - £600 inc VAT

Devonshire Fell, Burnsall


This display had included a larger than usual finale shell of a 6" willow, requested by the customer to finish the show. This display also had a blue theme, however some colours are lost on the video due to the dusk light conditions, however this could be seen during the display itself.


"Thank you so much for last Friday. Fireworks where fantastic and everyone enjoyed them!"

(Katie, bride)

Sapphire Package - £800 inc VAT

Devonshire Fell, Burnsall


This video features a high intensity Sapphire package display.


The value of the display itself falls at £760 inc VAT, due to field usage fees at this venue. The couple requested a larger willow ending (6" willow shell off the top of video unfortunately!)

Gold Package - £1000 inc VAT

Bramham Park, Leeds


This display was fired in the grounds of Bramham Park in Leeds and fell just below the gold wedding package at £950 inc VAT. This display featured heart shells and was also designed to be low debris at the venue's request. (Video made up of two parts edited together due to a camera malfunction, therefore approximately 15sec is lost in the middle of the show)


"From the start Phil was extremely helpful and easily contactable in the planning stages. When we had a little trouble with the venue regarding being allowed to fire the fireworks Phil & Rebecca liased directly with the venue to smooth out the details (and agreed to a potential clean up at no additional cost to us should the venue not be happy!) to ensure we could have the fireworks. On the night, they ensured that everything happened on time and worked closely with my maid of honour to ensure there were no problems. The guests were thoroughly impressed with the display and we got so many compliments! We had some American guests at our wedding who said that this was better than any 4th July display they had seen! Incredible! Also, speaking to friends who also had fireworks at their wedding I found Optimum Fireworks to be good value for money - certainly for the high impact firework display and the excellent customer service. We could not recommend Phil & his team highly enough! " (Diana, bride)


Chevin Hotel & Spa, Otley


A video of a gold package wedding display at the Chevin Country Hotel near Otley. This display was filmed from the balcony above the audience, looking out across the lake towards the display.


Eden, Broughton Hall


This event was held at Eden on the Broughton Hall estate in Skipton. Featuring a red, green and silver colour scheme to match the Xmas theme, this display falls into the Gold (£1000 inc VAT) wedding budget category.


Due to the windier conditions, the display ended with a large fan finale of silver shells instead of the usual willow effect.

Read School, Drax


A video taken during a display to celebrate 350 years of The Read School, Drax. This display fell into our Gold package, they then added onto this a lancework reading 350 YEARS to close the display. Due to the display falling in the middle of summer, it was dusk conditions during firing however it is still a good example of the display style.


Emerald and Above!

Leeds Golf Club - Diamond / Platinum (£1800 inc VAT)


In April 2018, optimum provided a high intensity wedding display at Leeds Golf Club. The display itself fell into the diamond package at £1600 inc VAT, however the couple then added onto this sparklers, lanterns and a lancework finale, meaning the eventual package was at £1800 inc VAT. The couple requested a shorter duration than normal for this package, but therefore a higher intensity.


Rudding Park, Harrogate- Emerald (£1300 inc VAT)


This budget included starting plunger and lancework (not shown in video) and heart shell barrage . A lovely example of an Emerald display package with customer requests for specific inclusions of effects.


"Optimum put on the most amazing display at Rudding Park for our wedding on Easter Monday. Thank you so much. We were blown away by how stunning the fireworks were and also how professional and organized the team are.... Absolutely Brilliant!" (Darren, groom)

Mercure Hotel, Bingley - Optimum (£3600 inc VAT)


In August 2017, we provided a large scale wedding display at the Mercure Bradford Bankfield Hotel near Bingley. We provided this 12minute 45sec display alongside a wide variety of indoor effects, including stage fountains, walkway fountains, table centrepiece fountains and confetti cannons.


This display falls into our Optimum package at £3600 inc VAT, with the indoor pyrotechnics and effects added onto of this budget. It is therefore also a good example of a public bonfire display in size.

Middleton Lodge, Richmond - Diamond / Platinum (£1800 inc VAT) Low Noise


This display was designed to be specifically low noise, at the request of the wedding venue Middleton Lodge. The display therefore featured no large cake bursts or any shells, except the finale five low noise shells.


This display falls between our Diamond and Platinum packages at £1800 inc VAT.



For packages of £1300 inc VAT and above, we also offer displays designed to music.


To view examples of our pyromusical displays, please click HERE