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We have lots of videos of our displays on You Tube and pictures on Instagram that aren't listed here, this page contains just a selection of our work.




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Bonfire Season Displays

Public events during the busy November season!

Bolton Abbey Estate

5th November 2015


Our second year firing in Bolton Abbey, this year the event was hosted by the estate itself and the location moved to in front of the stunning backdrop of the abbey itself. The Devonshire Estate bonfire is one of the most well known and prestigious events in the area, with a large following.


We provided a 15 minuted pyromusical set to the classic James Bond theme tunes, to coincide with the release of the new film.


Great feedback was received by the audience on the night, with the local paper stating "Bolton Abbey Fireworks Hailed As Best Ever!" (click HERE for the article!)




5th November 2017


Our fourth year firing in Bolton Abbey, this year the event layout changed slight, with the fireworks being set up from the same field as the audience, making logistics much easier than carry everything by hand across the bridge!


We provided a 11min30 pyromusical, this year set to Music from the Movies with a wide variety of different films to suit people of all ages.


The event sold out once again and we returned in 2018 and 2019 with yet more pyromusical displays. We look forward to our seventh Bolton Abbey Estate Bonfire in 2021!

Illuminate The Gardens Sheffield

1st, 2nd and 3rd November 2019

Video taken by crowd member


For the past three years, we have provided fireworks for the Illuminate The Gardens event in Sheffield Botanical Gardens. This has now grown to a three day event, with two displays each night, one quiet kids display and then a large pyromusical main display.


This is a restricted site due to the layout of the botanical gardens and the capacity of the crowd, meaning it challenges us to design an interesting display using only our smaller calibre effects in a limited space.


This event now sells out every year with great local reviews and we can't wait to return for another bonfire weekend in 2021!


To find out more about this event click HERE

Hull Kingston Rovers

2nd November 2017


After providing fireworks for the promotions party, we returned to Hull KR for our first bonfire display for the club. We provided a large scale bonfire display which the audience viewed from the stands of the ground. This meant that the effects had to all be aerial to be seen over the other stands.


We then returned to fire their 2018 display, this time organised by a local funfair provider, however the Club decided against running a 2019 event.

Oakdale Golf Club Harrogate

1st November 2019


In November 2019 we returned for our fourth year supplying the firework display for the Oakdale Golf Club Bonfire in Harrogate. This fantastic local event featured a 14 minute display building in size throughout and was well received by all those who attended.


We look forward to continuing to work with the golf club over the coming years.

Giggleswick School

8th November 2019


In November 2019 we were asked to return to Giggleswick School to provide their bonfire display. We started our relationship with the school back in 2012, providing a pyromusical for their Quincentenary concert and then provided their bonfire display for the following 4 years. Due to half term holidays clashing with bonfire dates, the school chose to not run the event for 3 years, so it was great to return once again this year to provide their display.


We look forward to continuing our relationship with this local school over the coming years, both for their bonfire night celebrations and other school events.

Langholm Regeneration Group, Scotland

4th November 2018


In November 2018 we provided the first community bonfire display, for Langholm in Scotland. Following a torch lit procession through the streets, followed by the lighting of the bonfire, we provided a 9 minute display on the banks for the river.


We returned with an even bigger display in 2019 and can't wait to see what's being planned for 2021!

Weeton Barracks

November 2016


n 2016 we were asked to provide a bonfire display for Weeton Barracks. We provided a 15 minute display suitable for all the ages, with lots of different effects, ramping up to a large scale finale.

Shoulder of Mutton, Kirk Smeaton

November 2016


After providing a wedding display earlier in the year for the owner's son, we were asked to provide a bonfire display for the Shoulder of Mutton Pub in Kirk Smeaton.


We were given a large budget and asked to provide a high impact, long duration display for the event. This resulted in a 23 minute display, growing in size and intensity throughout. We were restricted in terms of the size of shells we could use due to the space available on the firing site, so therefore fired multiple barrages of smaller shells instead, filling the sky.


We hope to return to the village in future years to provide another bonfire event.

Clifton Rangers

8th November 2015


Our third year firing for Clifton Rangers FC, this year had a Rock and Roll themed pyromusical, set to a number of well known tracks.


We have now fired their display for five years with a wide range of different themes.

Ribblesdale Park, Gisburn

5th November 2016


In November 2016 we were asked to provide fireworks for a one off bonfire event, held at Ribblesdale Park in Lancashire.


Over 5000 people turned up at this free to attend event, which consisted of the largest bonfire we had ever seen! It even produced fire tornados as seen in the video!


Unfortunately we don't have footage of the entire display, however this drone video shows the size and scale of the event!

Lightcliffe Scouts

31st October 2015


Our first year firing the Halloween themed pyromusical for Lightcliffe Scout Group, near Halifax. This 12 minute pyromusical was set to the most well known movie soundtracks and songs linked to the Halloween theme and setting.


This video was filmed from the rear of the show (opposite to audience side) due to the distances being better for filming capabilities. However the 2nd half of the video is therefore affected by the fog and smoke from the show.


We have now provided the Lightcliffe Scouts display for five years and look forward to returning once again in 2021!

Ghyll Royd School

4th November 2015


Our third year provided the firework display for Ghyll Royd School in Burley-In-Wharfedale.


This display features lots of kids favourites including spinners and moving stars, then moving towards a large finale.