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We have lots of videos of our displays on You Tube and pictures on Instagram that aren't listed here, this page contains just a selection of our work.




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Quiet Wedding Displays

Wedding displays with low noise levels! For venues with noise restrictions in place.

Sapphire Package Example (£800 inc vat)

Bowcliffe Hall, Wetherby


A video of a sapphire package wedding display at one of our recommended venues, Bowcliffe Hall near Wetherby. This display was filmed from between the the Blackburn Wing and the main hall, with the guests watching from the bridge of the wing.


This venue has decided to only allow noise reduced displays due to the neighbouring farms and residents. This is therefore an example of the style of fireworks used in our noise reduced display packages.

Gold Package Example (£1000 inc vat)

Private Venue, Harrogate


In August 2019 we were asked to provide a surprise display for a 50th Birthday function. They chose to have a quiet display overall due to the proximity of local farms, notifying all the local residents prior to the display taking place.


They decided to feature low noise bursting effects such as crossettes and crackles, building up to a small number of crossette and then spider crackle shells to provide the finale feel to the display.


This is therefore a great example to show venues and residents of a quiet overall display that still features some aerial shells to finish.


"Diamond / Platinum Example (£1800 inc vat)"

Middleton Lodge, Richmond


Middleton Lodge is a venue we have fired at regularly for weddings and parties. They have a low noise level agreed due to local residents and farmers, except for on bonfire night and NYE where a normal noise level is allowed.


Therefore this display features a wide range of our low noise effects, spread over five sites to enable us to fill the sky and ramp up in size. The display features no loud bursting cakes or shells, instead using crossettes and crackles which do not travel any distance. It then features a fan of five low noise shells to finish.


This display falls between our Diamond and Platinum packages at £1800 inc VAT







"Quiet Pyromusical Displays"


For examples of pyromusical displays, please contact us. We have an email designed which picks out low noise moments during our standard pyromusical displays, to showcase how our low noise effects can be used to great effect.